Bake the Bread Book into Reality

These community organizations are actively building the bread book world. See if there is a chapter, branch, or affinity group near you! Or start one yourself! Or help with the digital projects! There is always something we can do to help build the free world we want to see.

DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus

The Democratic Socialists of America is the largest socialist organization in the United States, with over 50,000 dues-paying members. Their Libertarian Socialist caucus is the caucus dedicated to anarchism and other forms of libertarian socialism. Their chapters engage in direct action, like fixing taillights to prevent police stops and collecting food for the homeless. They are also active in other DSA efforts, as determined by their local chapters.

Black and Pink Prisoner Support

Black and Pink Prisoner support is a group of both free and jailed people that support each other through writing letters. It is focused primarily on supporting LGBT+ prisoners throughout the United States. In addition to writing letters, the group also engages in solidarity actions and demos in order to build a world without prisons. The group was one of the primary groups that supported Chelsea Manning during her incarceration.


The Industrial Workers of the World, commonly known as the IWW, are one of the most historic radical labor unions in the United States and around the world. Famous for their utilization of the "wildcat" tactic, the IWW has been instrumental in securing basic labor freedoms for workers around the world. They are still active in fighting for workers in every industry, and have contributed to significant recent labor successes, such as the historic West Virginia teacher's strike in 2018.

The Socialist Rifle Association

" educational organization dedicated to providing the working class with the information they need to be effectively armed for self and community defense. This includes all manner of community defense, from the right of the working class to possess firearms to the ability to be well versed in the fields of medicine, disaster relief, logistics, agriculture, and survival skills."

Riseup Tech Collective

Riseup Tech Collective is a group of hackers and software developers dedicated to providing secure and free communication tools for activists. They provide a secure email service, a VPN, and various document sharing tools that allow for people to chat and plan securely. In addition to these,they also contribute directly to various free software projects, and have documentation on their website that details how best to get involved in the free software movement and community.

Additional Resources

For news and analysis from an anarchist perspective, as well as more basic information about Anarchism, libertarian socialism, and the fight for a better world, check out these additional sites and resource libraries.